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The Event will be organized by Screen Markets, who have been organizing the well‐known Screen Events throughout Europe for almost 20 years now. The 2011 DKF features IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS), an Allianz company, and on its Editorial Advisory Board. IDS and have been operating in the German‐speaking markets for more than 10 years, and aim to bring together business leaders, specialists and solution providers in order to discuss recent developments in the world of financial services, possible trends, strategic directions and practical solutions.

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DKF 2012

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16-02-2011: IDS GmbH invites to a pre-congress  more

IDS GmbH invites to a pre-congress

The exclusive evening reception for selected guests is provided courtesy of IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services, a company of Allianz. In a relaxed setting, you have the opportunity to socialize with your peers from the financial sector and get informed about how specialized market data services for risk applications close a fundamental gap in the market data management of insurers, banks and asset managers. Refreshments and food will be served.

Date: Monday, 4th of April 2011, 19:30 – 22:30h

Location: Hotel Sofitel Bayerpost, Atrium 


Please note: only invited guests will receive admission!


04-01-2011: Social Media  more

Social Media

(AER, 04. January 2011) Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, surprised the Internet community with an impressive number: every 2 days we collect as much data as from the beginning of the digital age to 2003. This corresponds to a data volume of about 5 exabytes (5 trillion, or about 10 to the power 18 bytes). 

The dramatic increase in data volume is explained on the one hand by the increased video content, and on the other by the strong growth of user-generated content in social networks. Today, more than two thirds of all global page impressions are made with content coming from the users themselves. Traditional newsrooms lose importance and services like Google News aggregate news sources on the same subject, showing that many editors do not add value and simply repackage the same stories.

 This increases the importance of the primary news source, with news agencies like Reuters and Bloomberg having a greater say. A strong trend in the United States is in the range of peer group blogging, where people within the same profession (eg, portfolio manager) can asses primary messages, set in context. Often one can identify the pack leaders of social networks, which are followed by a large fan base of private investors. This is especially evident of portfolio sharing services such as Wealthfront, Covestor or Currensee. 


The financial industry is being changed by social networks, as is the entire Internet. Which trends are emerging, and specifically how financial institutions use these trends for better investment decisions and sustainable sales success.  These topics will be discussed at the 1. D-A-CH Congress for financial information on 5 April 2010 in Munich.


10-12-2010: Open Source  more

Open Source

(AER, 10th December 2010) In the software industry, the traditional royalty-based products are increasingly being confromted with high-quality open source solutions. Cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service encourage the use of open source, because free software components can be used which do not prevent commercial marketing. The usual business model in the market data industry of Application Service Providing, is ideal for Open Source components.

In recent years, the focus of markets and vendors has been on licensing content. Any line costs or software licenses for the delivery or the display data are largely eliminated. Because  high quality software is often freely available and royalty-free, it is increasingly becoming  commoditised. The achievable competitive advantage  through software is subsequently reduced. The reduction of production costs by using free software components is therefore, the only strategic option.

In areas where open source can be used and what areas still require individual self-development is essential for the IT strategy of vendors and financial institutions. The 1. D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information takes up this question. We are very pleased that Thomas Vogg, Head of Market Data, IDS (Alliance), is going to speak on this topic. In his presentation, "Closing the Open Source Loop" he will discuss database solutions that rely almost exclusively on free software. 


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